The Creative Tax Expert / Head of Financial Spark 

I love to save people money on their taxes, I believe that people should pay a fair amount of tax. When I say “fair” I mean as low as legally possible, that’s why I’m The Creative Tax Expert! But, what’s the point in having this extra money in your back pocket if there’s nothing you can do with it ‘cus you’re too busy working? That’s the other side of my role that I love, The Time Lord Accountant! I love helping business owners save time in their business so they can do the things they love like reinvest that time back into the business to make more money, spend time with the family or spend more free time at the motor racing track!

I’m also an international speaker and trainer in accountancy, I still have to pinch myself when I say that but it fills me with pride that I’ve been booked to speak or train people in over 6 different countries, on subjects ranging from Budget Setting & Forecasting to Cloud Systems & Automation. I’ve completed 5* rated training to billion dollar oil and energy companies and then I do what I love, bring that big business process to small businesses to help them grow.

I like to be active and get out and about in nature, I’m very fortunate to live within skipping distance of Kinver Edge (National Trust site) and to have an allotment just outside Stourbridge. When I’m not submerging myself in green you’ll find me getting my petrol head on watching Formula 1 (or other motor sports) or at the Go Kart track – actually there’s a business lesson there, I race indoor Go Karts where you can’t cut corners or you ‘crash n burn’ and in business it’s important not to cut corners!

I love spending time with my family, whether that being playing princess with my daughter, trying to convert my step daughter into a Star Wars fan or helping my step son (already a Star Wars fan) to be a petrol head. Plus, I love going for a walk with “the better half”, finding new vegan eateries and trying to get her to do daft adrenaline things like Go Karting, Climbing/Bouldering etc.

One of my proudest achievements to date is a personal best 10km running time of 45 minutes at the Birchwood (Warrington) 10km and somehow, believe me I shocked myself, running 2 hour 3 minutes in the Great North Run, the actual half marathon not the 10km. Over the next few years I plan to add a Tough Mudder, a sub-2hr Half Marathon, completion to a marathon and then….. a Triathlon – I must be mad!!!!

As you may have picked up, I’m a keen motor racing fan and one of my favourite drivers is Kimi Raikkonen who I think is legendary both on and other the track. I love his “in car” mentality like when he told off his race engineer for offering advice, watch this clip #LeaveMeAlone.

If you fancy a chat about how to legally reduce your tax bill or who is the greatest ever F1 driver, drop me an email and we’ll have a coffee or a vegan pint.