Jodie Philpotts

The One & Only Accountancy Fire Starter / Chief Hand Holder

Silly questions are my speciality, when it comes to accounts and bookkeeping, I’ve made all the mistakes and asked all the silly questions. I have worked in Local Government, Retail, Hospitality and run my own businesses before Blaze Monroe was started.  This means I get it, I get why you are confused, why you hate bookkeeping and accounts, why you are absolutely ace at running your own business and doing your thing but lack confidence in what the numbers in your business means.  

A lot of my time is spent with new business owners or those new to using an accountancy or bookkeeping service.  I’m there to ‘hold your hand’ and be that friendly ear. I love to get together with business owners and find out about them. I like to get to know you, not just your business and finances.  What do you enjoy doing? What are your dreams? What are your problems? How else can I help you? Who can I connect you with to help you? Because of this I spend a lot of time ‘working’ in nice cafes and pubs.  I love my work so much I very often joke that I never feel like I actually work. 

When I am not working, I love to spend time with my family. This year I mastered Lego building with my son, rock painting with my daughter, all things unicorn with my step-daughter, and lots of eating with my fella. 

I also found a form of exercise I love before I actually morphed into a Sloth.  I started kickboxing and have set my goal to be a black belt by 2024.  

When I get chance to watch the TV, I am a Netflix kinda girl and love Glee, Suits and You (the series, not you you, You on the TV, although I am sure you are lovely, oh shucks this is awkward! Lol) 

My fave comedian is Peter Kay, and I absolutely howl at Car Share 

I love to sing and am very often belting out a bit of Adele, Reba McEntire or the cheesiest of show tunes. 

So, if you fancy a coffee to chat about you and your business or even your favourite Adele tune give me a shout.